The team at work!

Teacher's Toolkit

Wendy is a qualified Primary School Teacher (B.Sc, Hons Education) and SENCO with 30+ years teaching experience.  She also holds a Diploma in Teaching English as a Second Language, an Advanced Diploma in Special Educational Needs, as well as a Certificate of Competence in Educational Testing.

She has always enjoyed creating and purchasing classroom resources - loving all things bright and colourful! In 2012 she began to create teaching resources for others to use and soon founded her educational company, Teacher's Toolkit . Her aim is to provide engaging, fun, high quality curriculum resources to support teachers and educators reach their goals in the classroom.

Wendy enjoys graphic design as a hobby and you will often see her graphics pop up in the resources she designs!


LittleStreams Ltd. was created in 2014 by educators and graphic designers Rebekah Humphrey-Bullen and Samuel Lovegrove with the aim of developing well designed educational worksheets, games and activities that are both fun and engaging.

They take pride in creating high quality resources that are accessible to all. With clear instructions, a clean, ordered approach, and content that is differentiated wherever possible, their resources are perfect for mixed ability classrooms, small groups and one to one tuition.   


As a tutor specialising in special needs, Rebekah has supported many students who need to revisit the fundamentals of mathematics.  Subsequently, she has designed her resources to ensure that the self esteem of these students is protected.

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