A competitive game about addition.  Students are encouraged to do the working out in their head, but sometimes a student pay require a pencil and paper.


Rules of Play
-Deal out 5 cards per player and place the remaining deck of cards face down in the middle.
- Turn over a card from the top of the deck in the middle, work out its value.
- All players must play a card from their own selection of 5 that is as close as possible to that value.
- The player with the closest value wins the round and collects all played cards.
- If there is a draw, the winner is the person whose card number is highest.
- The dealer hands out one new card per player so that everyone always has 5 cards to play.
- The winner is the player who has collected the most played cards at the end of the game.
- Play can continue until the deck has gone, or after a set number of rounds.


We recommend 5 rounds.

Addition Battle

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