This game comes with 90 cards in total. There are 18 ‘switch’ cards, these are the cards with the arrows on them. The rest of the cards have varying values in the range of ‘3’ to ‘25’. This game can be used to explore both positive and negative numbers. However, if you wish to avoid exploring
negative number solutions with your students, simply stop your sequences at ‘0’ (zero) and/or pre-select a larger number as your starting point.


Rules of Play
- Shuffle the cards and deal out 6 cards per player.
- Players are NOT allowed to see their own cards.
- Take the remaining cards and turn over the card on the top.
- Play starts at that value. The first person to play is to left of the dealer in a clockwise direction.
- Calculation always starts in the positive direction.
- The first player places their first card in the middle quickly.
- The first person in the group to say what the NEW value is, wins that placed card.
- For example, if the first card is ‘3’, and the placed card is ‘10’, the answer is ‘13’.
- If a ‘switch’ card is placed, the direction of calculation switches and moves negatively.
- Now if a ‘5’ card is placed, and as the calculation now moves negatively,the answer is now ‘8’.

- The winner is the person who has collected the most cards at the end of the game.

Calculation Switch

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