This game encourages students to learn to count in a fun and competitive way. It includes numbers in digit, word, tally, ten square form and objects form. It is best suited for 2-6 players.

Rules of Play
- Shuffle the cards and deal out 7 cards per person, put the remaining cards in a pile in the middle.

- The aim is to play all your cards so you have no cards left.
- Play starts to the left of the dealer with Player ONE. If they hold a card with value 1 in their hand, they play it in the centre, forming the first playable pile.
- If they do not hold a card with value 1, they pick up another card from the pile in the middle. If this is the card they need, they may play it before the next player takes their go.
- Play then continues to Player TWO, who may play a 2 or start a new pile with a 1.
- There can be as many piles as there are players, and all piles must be started by a 1.
- Play continues with cards growing in ascending order. When a pile reaches 10, the pile is discarded, and a new pile may replace it with a card with a value of 1.
- The Wild card can be played as any value.
- Play continues until a player has no cards left.
- If the draw deck becomes exhausted, and no player can go, then the player with the least amount of cards wins. Draws are allowed.

Pile It Up Card Game

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