CVC words are usually the first words children learn once they know their consonant sounds and short vowel sounds. In CVC words, all the letters are pronounced, and they are pronounced the way children expect. Although many words in English do not follow rules of phonics, most of them do. So teaching children patterns that work most of the time, builds confidence to figure out words that are new to them.


This pack includes three stations for repeated practice:


  • STATION 1: CVC Spell It: spelling mats and puzzle pieces for 35 CVC words
  • STATION 2: CVC Sort It: real and nonsense CVC Words Sort x 24 each
  • STATION 3: CVC Clip It: clip it cards x 36



  • Teacher Notes (all instructions are included)
  • Easy Cut Puzzle Pieces (to lay on spelling mats)
  • Sound Spelling Mats
  • Real and Nonsense Word Sort, plus headers
  • Clip it Cards

CVC Words Learning Stations

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