This desktop motivator is ideal for students who:

  • struggle to focus and stay on task
  • struggle to complete a given task or specific tasks



  • choose either the large baseboard or the strip
  • laminate chosen board and cards
  • place Velcro dots (or blu tac) on squares 1-3 and on the back of all cards
  • editable blank cards are included to personalise for students
  • complete reward board – laminate and either write (and wipe) rewards in the space provided or place an image – change daily.  Example of rewards: stickers; table points; extra play time etc


How to use:

  • choose 3 tasks that need to be completed and stick them to the baseboard
  • discuss what tasks the student needs to complete and the time scale required
  • discuss and decide with student what their reward should be



  • once a student is used to the system, a timer may be added
  • ideal for use by classroom assistants who work with individual students
  • ideal for students who struggle with information overload



  • Pack Cover
  • Teacher Notes
  • Reward Board
  • Large Wall Motivator Board
  • Desktop Motivator Strips
  • Cards with tasks - picture only
  • Cards with tasks - picture and word
  • Blank card set to add your own images (editable PowerPoint)
  • TOU/Credits

Desktop Motivator

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