Factor Frenzy is a competitive game meant to reinforce factors of numbers.  The game is split into 18 ORANGE Multiple Cards and 63 GREEN Factor Cards. With the exception of itself and 1, each multiple has the correct number of corresponding Factor Cards. This means that if you arrange all 18 Multiple Cards onto a table, there are exactly the right number of Factor Cards to correspond to all of them.


Rules of Play
- Deal out 10 Factor Cards per player. Then place 3 Multiple cards face-up in the centre of the table.
- Place the remaining Factor Cards and Multiples Cards face-down on the table for use in gameplay.
- Players take turns to place one of their Factor Cards next to one of the 3 Multiples Cards in the middle.

- If a player cannot place a Factor on a Multiple, the player must pick up 2 new Factors cards.
- Once a Factor Card has been placed next to a Multiple, it cannot be placed again by others.
- Cards that match the multiple (itself) or 1, cannot be placed.
- Once all Factors have been found for a Multiple, they are discarded and a new multiple is selected.
- There are always 3 multiples in play until all Factors for all Multiples have been found.
- The winner of the game is the person who has played all of their Factors cards.

Factor Frenzy

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