This card game for 2-6 players encourages finding the area of shapes. It is fully differentiated, with easier areas being green (rectangles), then yellow (triangles), red (compound shapes using rectangles), blue (parallelograms) and finally compound shapes containing triangles which are grey. 


All of the cards are numbered and correspond to the answer key which is provided in this game pack. Answers are given in unidentified units, we recommend the use of metric amounts (cm2). The cards are not to scale and cannot be measured with a ruler.


Rules of Play
- Deal out 5 cards per player and place the remaining deck of cards facedown in the middle.
- Turn over a card from the top of the deck, invite all players to work out its area.
- All players must play a card from their own selection of 5 that is the same area, or as close as possible.
- The player with the card of closest total area wins the round and collects all played cards.
- If there is a draw, the winner is the person whose card number is highest due to increased difficulty.
- The dealer hands out one new card per player so that everyone has 5 cards to play for every round.
- The winner is the player who has collected the most played cards at the end of the game.
- Play can continue until the deck has gone, or after a set number of rounds. We recommend 5 rounds.

Geometry_Area Wars

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