This Practice Makes Perfect trace, write, and draw handwriting workbook was created for Year 2/First Grade, but I believe it would also be beneficial for advanced Kindergarten, Year 1 students. I hope it proves to be both challenging and fun for your students as they practise reading, tracing, writing and drawing.

• The first page helps practise handwriting formation and includes a word beginning with the focus letter, along with a picture cue. Students can also colour, as well as identify words beginning with the focus letter and illustrate these. 
• The second page allows students to read, trace and write a phrase containing a word beginning with the focus letter and identifies additional words for the students to trace and illustrate.

The pages may be copied back to back and stapled as a booklet. 

• A front cover can be added from a choice of 3. For less advanced readers, you may wish to copy only the first page.
• This handwriting pack can be used for morning work, independent work or may be used in a whole group setting.

NB: I have added extra review/practice with sight words: Dolch Pre-Primer; Primer; First; Second, plus some nouns for formatting purposes. (read, trace and write)


  • Teacher Notes
  • Workbook Front Covers
  • Handwriting Workbook
  • Sight Words


You can watch the video here!

Handwriting Practice Workbook Instruction and Fluency in Print

  • PAGE COUNT: 97