This collection of number puzzle strips is a great way for students to demonstrate their ability to count. A large image is cut into strips. When the strips are placed in order, a picture is revealed.


We have supplied two versions of each puzzle. One version is landscape that has the numbers from left to right, mimicking the number line. The other in portrait with numbers ascending from
bottom to top, preparing students for later work with graphs in the y axis.

We recommend you pre-cut the strips to hand to students and laminate the strips for longevity.


For an extra challenge, why not combine a few of the puzzles, so students not only have to put the numbers in the correct order, but decide which pieces should go with which puzzle.

There are 10 puzzles in total, covering themes of every day scenes, under the sea and outer space, as well as celeration themes including Birthday, Christmas, and Fireworks!

Learning to Count Puzzle Strips

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