From an early age, children see money everywhere, and know that having money is essential to getting the things they want and need. In addition to learning more advanced counting strategies (counting on and skip counting), they will become flexible as they learn to count to the same number in different ways, with different groups of coins. Teaching children about money also offers an excellent opportunity to help them practice place value skills.

These poster sets are a valuable reference tool for your display area, as you embark on this topic. Just laminate for durability.

Set 1: Displays a graphic of both the front and back of each coin from the 1p coin to a £50 note, as well as different ways of writing the value. 

Set 2: is a display of all the coins together, front and back view, as well as their size in relation to one another.

Set 3: shows the coins 2p to £1 and their penny equivalents. 


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Money Matters Poster Sets

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