This First Christmas Story Retold pack is jammed full of beautiful images and text to teach your students about the Nativity.

Students will be captivated by the visual journey of Mary, Joseph and baby Jesus in the poster sets which accompany the narration - valuable reference tools or simply for a beautiful display.

The pack also includes a text of the story for teacher reference, as well as the ability to make a 'big' book for story time, teaching or your class library.

The story questions are designed to encourage discussion at all levels of comprehension. Each set of questions is accompanied by the relevant text for reference - this is useful to display on an interactive white board.



⋆ Cover/Contents/Notes
⋆ Poster Set 1 – Colour Intensive
⋆ Poster Set 2 – Ink Saving
⋆ Quick Reference Story Text
⋆ Teacher ‘Readaloud’/Big Book
⋆ Comprehension Discussion Questions

PART 1: Read and Comprehend the First Christmas Story

  • PAGE COUNT: 55