This game for 2-6 players is split into 18 PINK Sum Cards and 54 BLUE Term Cards. It encourages addition and number bonds.


Rules of Play
- Deal out 6 Blue Term Cards per player. Place 3 Pink Sum Cards face-up in the centre of the table.
- Place the remaining Term Cards and Sum Cards face-down on the table for use in gameplay.
- Players take turns to place one of their 6 Term Cards next to one of the 3 Sum Cards in the middle.

- The aim is to place 2 or more Term Cards to reach the sum of the Pink Sum Card they wish to collect.

- When you place a Term Card, pick up a new one. Players must always have 6 Term Cards to play.
- Once a sum is reached with Term Cards, the player who places the last
card on it wins the Sum Card.

- When a Sum Card is won, shuffle the used Term Cards and put under the pile on the table to be reused.

- If a player cannot play a Card, they can choose one to ‘swap’ with a new one from the
Term Card Pile.

- The winner is the player who has collected the most Sum Cards after they have all been collected.

Number Bonds

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