This fun and engaging teaching resource is perfect for Pancake Day!

An eye-catching presentation answers a series of questions, such as what Pancake Tuesday is and why we make pancakes on that day. The presentation continues with a pancake recipe, a closer look at pancake toppings, Pancake Day around the world (which could be researched further) and the tradition of pancake racing.

The presentation has been saved as a show, so that nothing can be accidentally deleted. Some sections require clicking to progress the show - it is set this way so that the teacher can pause and discuss if required. A quick run through beforehand will highlight these areas.

After the presentation and discussion, students can complete two literacy activities. A differentiated sequencing activity and an expository writing activity. A set of sequenced recipe cards has been included as a teaching tool.

A bank of transition words has been included in the writing activity.

• Teacher Notes
• Pancake Day Presentation (17 slides)
• Set of sequenced recipe cards
• Sequencing Activity: How to Make Pancakes
• Instructional (how to) writing activity

Pancake Day: Shrove Tuesday

  • PAGE COUNT: 37