This assessment resource provides you with everything you need in one handy pack!

I have created this pack with convenience in mind! Basically just download and you are virtually ready to go! You can make an assessment booklet for each student by printing back-to-back - one booklet for all phases - how handy is that? Should you wish to assess using single pages, each page contains a section for a student's personal details.

The assessment booklet is made up of Master Recording Sheets, all clearly labelled, as well as Student Sheets to carry out the relevant tasks. These are provided for each phase.

The pack also includes all the materials you require to assess each stage: sound cards, tricky word cards, nonsense word cards, as well as the first hundred high frequency words. All cards are labelled by phase, set and type, as well as colour-coded by phase. Should you wish to save on colour ink, just print in grayscale - each card is labelled to avoid confusion.

Apart for printing the student booklet, the only other thing you need to do is give the cards a little attention! I would also recommend that you laminate each card, so they can be used over and over as you assess your whole class every year.

So basically print and laminate! Make sure to read the Teacher Notes, as well as the Assessment Summary and Assessment Instructions and you are good to go!

This pack has been a labour of love and I believe I had included everything needed for any educator to assess students' progress in Letters and Sounds.


⊛ Cover/Contents/Teacher Notes
⊛ Booklet/Assessment Instructions/Assessment Summary
⊛ Phase 2 Assessment
⊛ Phase 3 Assessment
⊛ Phase 4 Assessment
⊛ Phase 5 Assessment
⊛ Phase 2 Cards: Sounds/Tricky/Nonsense
⊛ Phase 3 Cards: Sounds/Tricky/Nonsense
⊛ Phase 4 Cards: Sounds/Tricky/Nonsense
⊛ Phase 5 Cards: Sounds/Nonsense/100 HF

Phonics Assessment Phases 2-5

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