This resource includes everything you need to review and assess your students’ knowledge of digraphs.

This Digraph Revision and Assessment Pack contains reference posters, games, stations, activities (flip flap books) and worksheets covering all 8 digraph units which can be found in my shop.
Your students will review consonant digraphs th, sh, ch, ph, ck, kn, wh and wr.

Use your professional judgement to determine which game, activity or worksheet you are going to use as an assessment versus revision for your students. A data tracking page for each digraph has been included for you to record student progress.


• Teacher Notes/Contents Table
• Reference Digraph Posters
• Game Cards and Notes: Snap; Go Fish; Bang; Scoot
• Clip It Cards Station
• Scrambled Sentences Station
• Tic Tac Toe Station
• Digraph Flip Flap Books 1 & 2
• Assessment Worksheets x 10 activities (mixed digraphs)
• Mastery Data Record Sheet

Phonics: Digraph Revision and Assessment Pack

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