For all learners, systematic and explicit phonics instruction is critical. Struggling readers require additional guided practice in small groups and instruction must be differentiated to meet their individual needs. This collection of digraph WH worksheets for students provides this systematic and explicit teaching and helps them learn the basics of this important skill.


All of the skills are presented in a fun engaging format. Students will be reading, writing, drawing, graphing, cutting, glueing, and analysing various words that include the digraph WH.


Your students will be:

• Identifying the ‘wh’ sound at the beginning and end of a word
• Finding words that begin or end with the letters ‘wh’
• Distinguishing if the ‘wh’ sound is at the beginning or end of a word
• Producing ‘wh’ words
• Spelling ‘wh’ words
• Writing ‘wh’ words
• Using the 3 cueing system to decode which ‘wh’ word completes a sentence and makes sense



• Pack Cover, Teacher Notes, Contents
• Cut ‘wh’ pictures and glue on whales
• Complete the ‘wh’ word search and write one sentence
• Write and match ‘wh’ shape boxes
• Sort ‘wh’ words
• Find ‘wh’ words in the photo and write them
• Spin a Silly Sentence
• Colour the ‘wh’ pictures
• Spin, read and colour
• Circle the words that contain ‘wh’ anywhere
• Draw ‘wh’ picture and describe
• See it, Make it, Write it Spelling
• wh crown
• Lap book – read and complete
• Answer key

Phonics: Phonics Digraph WH

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