For all learners, systematic and explicit phonics instruction is critical. Struggling readers require additional guided practice in small groups and instruction must be differentiated to meet their individual needs. This collection of consonant blend SM worksheets for students provides this systematic and explicit teaching and helps them learn the basics of this important skill.


Directions are written on each page. 

• Teacher Notes
• Picture Identification
• Build It, Colour It, Trace It
• Cut and paste pictures
• Colour pictures that have the sm blend
• Word Search 
• Roll and graph sm blend words
• Spin and write sm blend words
• Sort sm blend words
• Spot sm blend words 
• Complete the sentences with sm blend words
• Choose the correct sm blend word to match the picture and write a sentence
• Make a crown of sm blend words
• Spell and write sm blend words {Mini Flip Flap Book}

Phonics: Phonics SM

  • PAGE COUNT: 24