These flash cards are great for small group work, intervention and assessment.
They have a multitude of uses and when laminated for durability, will survive many hands for years to come!

This pack includes all the sounds/letters for Phases 2, 3, 4 and 5. All the cards are colour-coded and labelled by phase. For each sound, there are three cards:

Card 1: Sound
Card 2: Matching picture
Card 3: The sound highlighted in a word, alongside the matching picture

Ideas for use:
• Use to test knowledge of words already learnt

• Print two sets and match the pairs

• With two sets of cards, play a memory game, starting with all the cards face down, then taking it in turns to turn over two cards and read the sounds. If they match, keep the pair and have another go. If they don't match, turn them back over.

• As a student learns each sound, stick the card into a notebook. Read through the notebook for revision and practice.

• 'Hide' a few cards around the room while your student isn't watching, then ask them to find and bring you a specific sound.

• Cut out the cards, stack them together and staple down the side to make a mini book to read and practise the sounds.



⊛ Sound Flashcards - Phases 2-5

Phonics Sound Flashcards Phases 2-5

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