This game has two kinds of cards, Weather Cards and Item Cards. The game also comes with Compatibility Cards for players to reference during the game. The Compatibility card tells a player which Items are compatible with which Weather. There are also two Probability Tracker worksheets, Fraction or Percentage, that allow players to keep track of changing probabilities as the
game progresses.

Rules of Play
- Shuffle the Weather cards so that they are in as random an order as possible.

- Place the Weather cards in a pile, face-down in the middle.
- Shuffle the Item cards, and deal out 6 cards per player. Up to 6 players.
- Players are NOT allowed to see each other’s cards at this point.
- The Round; all players have a chance to swap ONE item card with a new mystery one
- Players judge from the probability tracker sheet what Weather card might be most likely to be revealed.

- Players use the Compatibility Cards to confirm which Items match with which Weather.
- Some Item cards work with multiple Weather cards, so strategy is highly encouraged.
- All players must play at least TWO of their items cards if they have 4 or more cards.
- All players must play at least ONE of their item cards if they have 3 or fewer cards.
- Item cards are played by placing them face down on the table in front of the player.
- The first Weather card is turned over from the top of the deck. All played item cards are revealed.
- Players keep all played cards that are compatible, and lose all cards that are not compatible.
- The revealed Weather card is discarded, thus changing the probabilities of other cards appearing.
- The round is repeated.
- Play continues, and players are gradually eliminated from the game.

- The winner is the last person remaining in the game at the end.


This game is playable in 2 different ways: 

Dependent Probability - where the revealed Weather card is discarded after every round, thereby changing the probabilities as the game progresses; 

Independent Probability - for a simpler and less challenging game, the Weather card can be returned to the deck and the deck is reshuffled at the beginning of every round.

Probability_Chance of Rain

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