For 2-4 players. These cards are similar to traditional dominoes, with shapes instead of numbers. These cards should work just as well when printed in black and white. The colours do not
necessarily match up, and do not add to the game in any way. Shapes used in this game are: triangles through to Decagons.

Object: To be the first to run out of all of your dominoes.


Set up: Deal out domino cards; 7 cards each for 2 players, 6 cards each for 3 players, 5 cards each for 4 players

Choose which player starts. To do this, players each choose a card from the deck. The player with the highest sided shape goes first.  Play then proceeds clockwise.


Players match the number of edges on the shapes of their dominoes to the ever-growing snake of domino cards. If a player cannot play a domino card, they must draw a new domino card.
This new card can be played straight away if the domino cards allow, and play continues.


The winner is the first person to play all of their domino cards. If no one can play a domino card, and there are no more draw cards in the deck, the game ends. The winner is the player with the least
number of cards in their hand. A draw is possible.

Shape Dominoes