For many students, a lesson on compound words marks the first time they become aware of the component parts of words. This kicks off the process of learning about word roots, suffixes and prefixes.

These compound words mini workbooks and bonus worksheet activities will help students understand what a compound word is. They will be able to identify, divide and make compound words.



All workbooks are available in colour and blackline for your convenience!


WORKBOOK 1: Write and Illustrate Compound Words

• Write the compound word under each picture
• Draw a picture under each compound word
• Writing template – directions and writing guidelines to write sentences using compound words


WORKBOOK 2: Match Words to Pictures 

• 2 pictures per page
• Words to cut and glue in the correct spaces


WORKBOOK 3: Compound Word Equations 

• 3 equations per page
• Words to cut and glue in the correct spaces



ACTIVITY 1: Colour the Compound Word 
32 words to sort by colour

ACTIVITY 2: Compound Word Equations 
Solve and create compound words

ACTIVITY 3: Match Pictures to Words
Single words to pair up and match to (blackline) pictures - cut and glue

ACTIVITY 4: Fill in the Blank Spaces 
Join and separate words

ACTIVITY 5: Sort the Words in the Box 
21 words in a box to sort under the headers Compound Word/Not a Compound Word

SPAG: Compound Words Workbooks

  • PAGE COUNT: 84