This game comes with 54 question cards and a page with 4 photocopyable bingo cards. Remember to keep a Master Copy of the Bingo Cards so that you can photocopy it over and over, we recommend that you laminate the Master Copy for longevity.

Rules of Play
- Every player must have their own BLANK Bingo Card.
- At the beginning of each round, it is decided if players are looking for the Mean, Median or Mode.
- We recommend playing three rounds of Bingo, looking for Mean, Median and Mode values.
- Players are asked to fill in the grid with their choice of answers from the list on the bingo card.
- Players can use each answer up to 4 times in the grid, anywhere they want.
- One the grids are filled in, play can begin.
- Shuffle the question cards, and place the deck face-down on the table.
- Reveal the first card on the top, all players are asked to work out the answer they are looking for.
- If a player has that answer in their bingo grid, they can cross out ONE square only.
- Players should think about which square is best to cross out if the answer appears more than once.

- Play continues to create a vertical, horizontal, or diagonal line across the grid by crossing out

- When a line is created, the player must shout ‘BINGO!’ and that player wins the round.

Statistics_Averages Bingo

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