This game for 2-6 players consists of 4 rounds.  Each round, reshuffle and deal out 9 cards to each player.


You can play in two ways:
1. Each round give the students the option of choosing their Mean, Median, Mode or Range of their given cards. But if they choose their Mean, for example, then on the next round they cannot choose their Mean.
2. Follow the following pattern: Round one find the MEDIAN. Round two find the MODE. Round three find the MEAN. Round four find the RANGE.


If there is no mode, you get 0 points. If there is two or more modes, both these modes go down.
Students are encouraged to use a calculator for finding the mean, as the nature of the game means there is not going to be a nice answer. However, for extra challenge, ask students to find it via long division. Mean answers should be rounded to the nearest whole number.


These cards can also be used as a visual way of showing how to find the median, as you can encourage students to put them in order first.


The winner is the person with the most points at the end of the round.

Statistics_Mean Wars

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