There are 5 types of card in this card game pack. Red Whole Hour Cards, Orange Half-Past Cards, Yellow Quarter-Past and Quarter-To Cards, Green Five-Minute Iteration Cards and Blue Single-Minute Iteration Cards.


We recommend that you use whichever combination of card types are best for your students’ abilities. We recommend playing with three colours or more.  We have also included a page of blank faces for you to draw times if you wish.

Rules of Play
- Shuffle, and deal 5 cards per player and place the remaining deck of cards face down in the middle.

- Turn over a card from the top of the deck in the middle, work out its time, and discuss its properties.

- All players must play a card whose time is as close as possible to the card in the middle.
- The player with the closest time wins the round and collects ALL played
- If there is a draw, the winner is the person whose card number is highest.
- The dealer hands out one new card per player so that everyone always has 5 cards to play.
- The winner is the player who has collected the most played cards at the
end of the game.
- Play can continue until the deck has gone, or after a set number of rounds.
We recommend 5 rounds.

Time Wars

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