This is a fun game that encourages fluency of times tables and is for 3-6 players.
This game follows the rules of the classic card game Sevens (or Parliament).  However, instead of a traditional deck of cards, players use specially designed Times Tables cards. All Times Tables from 2 to 12 are included.  However, only four Times Table ranges are needed to play this game.


The 7th card in each Times Table set features a second border. These are the cards that are played first for each times tables set.

Rules of Play
- Choose 4 ‘suits’ of the 11 tables that are provided to play this game. You can use more for a longer game.
- Shuffle your chosen cards thoroughly, and distribute ALL cards to all players as evenly as possible. - Some players may have fewer cards than others, but this is part of the game.
- The player with the smallest 7th Times Table Card (the card with the second border) plays first.
- Once the first player places this card, play continues clockwise around the group.

Players can place cards as follows:
- Any 7th Times Table Card (the card with the second border)
- Any card which is higher or lower in sequence than the placed 7th Times Table Card.
- Higher Times Tables cards should be placed to the right, and lower to the left. So a sequence can be seen.
- The winner is the first person to play all of their cards.
- If you can’t go, you skip your go.

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