This Vegetables Photo Poster Display Pack can be used for classroom displays, as well as being a super visual resource to engage students as they begin their learning journey about Healthy Eating; How Plants Grow and Where in the World topics. 
Lots of talking and listening, plus many questions should ensue!

The photo posters are colorful and vibrant, and each includes a name label. All labels have been written in the singular form.

Print onto photographic paper or cardstock and laminate for durability. Cards could also be printed in a smaller size and used as flashcards for sorting games.

I have included some extras to facilitate discussion:
bell peppers

20 (+3) Vegetable Photo Posters 

List of vegetables included
• broccoli
• carrot
• cabbage
• spinach
• aubergine
• parsnip
• green onion
• onion
• celery
• turnip
• asparagus
• beet
• cauliflower
• leek
• brussels sprout
• pea
• garlic
• lettuce
• potato
• radish

Please note: these photo posters are for personal and classroom use only.

If you require labels to be changed to account for regional differences, please contact me at, where I will be happy to make those changes for you.

Vegetables Photo Poster Display Pack

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