This pack is primarily intended to take advantage of the current fidget spinner craze and allow students to have fun whilst practising high frequency words. However, the content may also be used as probe sheets or for assessment – the pack is flexible depending on your needs.


The pack includes everything you need to cover the 300 high frequency words. I have split the first 100 into Phases 2-5, with a further split into ‘tricky’ and ‘decodable’ words. I have also included score sheets if using for assessment.


The teacher notes also include a handy section of ‘print notes’ - these detail which pages to print depending on what you currently need to use.


⊛ Contents
⊛ Teacher Notes
⊛ Reference Charts
⊛ Score Sheets
⊛ Student Spinner Sheets Tricky Words
⊛ Student Spinner Sheets Decodable Words
⊛ Student Sheets 2nd 100 HF Words
⊛ Student Sheets 3rd 100 HF Words

Vocabulary: High Frequency Words Fidget Phases

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