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2012-2019, W Kayne and Teacher’s Toolkit; SEN Toolkit {www.sentoolkit.co.uk}

Resources may be reproduced by the individual who made the purchase, for their own PERSONAL or CLASSROOM use ONLY. 
The downloaded/purchased resource must NOT be reproduced for others IN ANY FORM or BY ANY MEANS, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage or retrieval system, without prior written permission from the author.

In more detail…

By downloading/purchasing a product, you are acknowledging that the product is the property of “SEN Toolkit” and is licensed to you for use in one classroom only.  The product is to be used by the original purchaser only.  The license is not transferable.  Permission is granted to copy pages specifically designed for student or teacher use by the original purchaser or licensee.

Copying for more than one teacher or classroom, including copying for an entire year group, school, or school system is prohibited. If you would like to share this product with friends or co-workers, you must purchase an additional license.

Placing this product on the Internet in any form (even a personal/ classroom website) is strictly prohibited. This product may not be distributed or displayed digitally for public view, uploaded to school websites, distributed via email, or submitted to file sharing websites.  An example of a file sharing website: Amazon Inspire.

Failure to comply is a copyright infringement and a violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DCMA). This product is intended for single classroom and personal use only.

All free products on this site are subject to a Creative Commons copyright license as follows:

©2012-2019, W Kayne/Teacher’s Toolkit Resources/Teacher’s Toolkit/SEN Toolkit

You are free to copy, distribute, display, and perform the work under the following conditions:

  • Attribution. You must give the original author credit. 

  • Non-Commercial. You may not use this work for commercial purposes. 

  • No Derivative Works. You may not alter, transform, or build upon this work. 


For any reuse or distribution, you must make clear to others the license terms of this work. 
Any of these conditions can be waived if you get permission from the copyright holder.


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